Shabbat in the Arava! – Zoe Torok

Before this trip, my picture of Israel solely included the murmurs of crowds praying as they tucked notes into the cracks of the Western Wall or the overwhelming chaos of thousands shoving their way around the Shook. I never envisioned an empty desert. This past weekend my view of Israel expanded when we visited the Negev. While touring Ben-Grunion’s final home, I learned about the late Prime Minister’s dream of transforming the Negev into a flourishing expanse of science, technology, and education. Later, I had the privilege of observing the tangible effect of his dream when we stopped in Arava, a desert town revolutionized by greenhouses growing plants from all over the world. Experiencing firsthand the Negev’s progress towards Ben-Grunion’s dream, inspired me to form new perspectives and explore the potential of aspirations I previously considered hopeless or impossible.

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