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Internships at Nefesh B'Nefesh! - Gavi Levy

            I am Gavriel M. Levy from Chicago, IL and I’m working at Nefesh B’ Nefesh pre-aliyah and marketing division. I am currently working on a project to reconstruct and update the directory of cities for people looking to make Aliyah. It is a tenuous and difficult project because the main stream of this information available is the out dated Nefesh B’ Nefesh directory, so trying to find new information that is new, accurate, and reliable is challenging to find. Another element of difficulty is finding the information in English or Hebrew I am able to comprehend. It’s good to learn to work through challenging situations and learn new ways to work through them. At night we went to an escape room, which was very challenging, but it was a fun team building assignment. 

4 days ago
Shabbat in the Arava! - Zoe Torok

Before this trip, my picture of Israel solely included the murmurs of crowds praying as they tucked notes into the cracks of the Western Wall or the overwhelming chaos of thousands shoving their way around the Shook. I never envisioned an empty desert. This past weekend my view of Israel expanded when we visited the Negev. While touring Ben-Grunion’s final home, I learned about the late Prime Minister’s dream of transforming the Negev into a flourishing expanse of science, technology, and education. Later, I had the privilege of observing the tangible effect of his dream when we stopped in Arava, a desert town revolutionized by greenhouses growing plants from all over the world. Experiencing firsthand the Negev’s progress towards Ben-Grunion’s dream, inspired me to form new perspectives and explore the potential of aspirations I previously considered hopeless or impossible.

6 days ago
Bedoin Tents! - Shana Eisenberg

Thursday, July 12, 2018
We started our busy day of touring by visiting a goat farm called Chavat Naot. There we learned how they make cheese and even got to try a few samples. From there we went to David Ben-Gurion’s house in Sde Boker where we learned about his goals for the Negev and all his efforts in fulfilling them. We then hiked through Ein Ovdat’s canyons and proceeded from there to visit Ben-Gurion’s grave. We ended our day with a visit to the Bedouins. There we rode camels, ate food prepared by the Bedouins, learned about their culture and had a bonfire (happy birthday Zoe). We finished off by participating in meditation in the midbar where we all contemplated what we would like to be remembered for and by spending the night in the Bedouin tents.

6 days ago
First Day of Internships! - Aaron Malekan

Going into my first day interning at a biotech startup, I was pretty skeptical about what my role would be. Would I need to complete boring paperwork, give coffee to the executives, or some other menial work? Fortunately, the answer is no. Instead of doing menial paperwork in a cramped office like I expected, my group dove headfirst into a realm of research, working in a huge lab on top of Jerusalem. The work assigned to me requires skill, insight, and hard work. The research that I will participate in could and probably will change the world of science and medicine. Definitely a great first day to what will be a growing experience.

6 days ago
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