City of David Light Show – Max Miller!

Hi everyone! My name is Max Miller, I’m 15 years old, and I am blogging for Next Step. Hope you like it!

On July 16th, Next Step went to the City of David Light Show in the Old City in Jerusalem. Basically, we sat at the upper back of an archaeological site looking at a wall and the excavations. There were lights set up all around the walls and projectors that were showing a movie about Israel’s archaeological history with the lights syncing up to the sound. After that finished, a guide talked about what was happening at the site and then we moved to a stone wall right by the entrance to the caves of Hezekiah. They also showed a movie with the lights synced up to the sound there. It was so cool! The second movie had benches set up looking at the wall, and it talked about the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Exile and the eventual destruction of the city on Tisha B’Av, which we commemorated on July 22nd by going to the Kotel.



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