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Safety & Security

As a partner with NCSY Summer Programs, Next Step Israel Internships treats safety and security as our highest priority.

In Israel, every decision regarding itinerary, travel route, lodging location, or site for an activity is made in conjunction with the Ministries of Education and Tourism in the Israeli government. Through the use of GPS locators and cellphones, NCSY remains in constant contact with the Ministries, and provides very frequent updates and precautionary advisories.

Safety & Security

For all of our programs, we provide a daily updated message from the program director available to you from our New York office. Each program will be assigned a specific phone number hotline that you can call. In addition, in the event of any sudden changes, our program directors will update this hotline immediately about their location and the progress of the program.

Our daily messages will let you know where your children are and how they are doing all the time!