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NovaLaka Ltd is developing technology for delivering antibiotics using polymeric components applied directly to the affected area. The goal of this approach is to reduce the time patients need to spend in the hospital by giving them the ability to administer medicines at home. This has the potential to improve the patient’s quality of life while also benefiting healthcare providers by cutting costs and increasing efficiency. NovaLaka seeks to apply its polymer technology to orthodontics, topical cosmetic applications, and treaments for burns and infectious wounds.

School of Medicine-IMRIC-Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

In basic research, Professor Barenholz’s laboratory focuses on biochemistry and biophysics of lipids and membranes ― on the relationships between membrane lipid composition, structure (e.g., rafts), and function; on lipid mediated signal transduction; and on apoptosis. One of the main biological topics studied is the relevance of the above to aging processes.
In applied research, Professor Barenholz’s main interests are in amphiphile-based drug carriers, especially liposomes: from basic aspects of design of the drug carriers through animal studies and clinical trials, and finally, FDA-approved drugs. This is best exemplified by the development of DOXIL (a doxorubicin remote-loaded sterically-stabilized ~100 nm liposome for treatment of cancer). DOXIL was approved for human use in the USA in 1996 and in Europe in 1997. It is extensively used to treat ovarian cancer and breast cancer, and currently is in the process of being approved for other types cancer.

Geological Survey of Israel

The Geological Survey of Israel (GSI) is a public sector organization responsible for advising the Israeli government on all aspects of geoscience. With its 43 researchers, 50 auxiliary and administrative staff, and 25 students, the GSI provides expert services and independent advice in all spheres of geoscience to the public, industry and universities in Israel and abroad. As a branch of Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water, the GSI is mainly funded by the government, but also by research grants from various sources.

Azrieli College of Engineering

Established in 1999, Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem (originally called The Jerusalem College of Engineering) is a non-profit organization that is committed to creating well-educated and highly trained professionals in the field of engineering. The college offers four-year B.Sc. degrees in a number of engineering disciplines as well as a year-long pre-college academic preparatory program for students who wish to improve their grades in order to apply to the College. Interns will work with the accelerator and startups receiving guidance from Azrieli College.

Capricia Productions

Capricia Productions specializes in creating video games tailored and interacted with musical albums, compositions and other audible art. We’re currently working on our first Music Video Game (MVG) – The Birdcage.
Our company takes upon itself the development of others products, combining others’ audible art with their vision for making unique MVGs. We expect the MVG to be the new standard in the way we listen and experience music, so we offer a platform to connect between musicians and game developers, allowing both sides to express their art and make a mesmerizing product.

Philip Stein & Associates

Philip Stein & Associates was founded in 1979 in Jerusalem, Israel. Our firm began offering individuals a convenient and efficient way of preparing their U.S. tax return even though lived outside of the United States. We are proud today that not only do we offer that same service to over 1000 individuals per year in Israel; but we also prepare returns for individuals based all over the world including the U.S.
We combine expertise and experience to provide you and your company with access to our extensive network of top veteran Israeli and U.S. based attorneys, accountants and insurance professionals. We are also strategically partnered with Israel’s finest business/marketing experts and have strong connections to Israel’s largest venture capitalists and investment bankers.
Philip Stein & Associates also gives invaluable advice to start-up companies regarding U.S. corporate taxes. We offer the creativity and effectiveness your company needs in planning your business structure, employee options programs and exit strategies.
In short, if you have U.S. tax needs as an individual, partnership, corporation or trust; feel free to turn to us.

Nefesh B’Nefesh

The mission of Nefesh B’Nefesh is to make the Aliyah process easier, facilitate the integration of new Olim into Israeli society and to educate the Jews of the Diaspora as to the centrality of the Israel to the Jewish People. Learn More


MIKANMOR is an innovative fashion accessories design group creating and manufacturing innovative leather goods, aspiring to change the perception of fashion. Learn More

Menachem Begin Heritage Center

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center is the state-sponsored memorial project for one of the greatest leaders of the Jewish People in the 20th Century.  Begin’s name is engraved in the memory of his nation as the Irgun Commander, Leader of the Opposition and as Israel’s Sixth Prime Minister. The Center is located in Jerusalem, on the Hinnom Ridge, facing the Old City walls.

The Center is supervised by a Public Council. They are appointed for a period of three years by a relevant Minister, in this case the Prime Minister, whose office oversees the activities of the Center. Learn More


SHEKEL is a Community Services for People with Special Needs, it is Israel’s leading organization for integrating people with special needs in the community. In order to advance this goal, SHEKEL has created a wide array of programs and support systems offering a plethora of services and equal opportunity for people with special needs.