Album:Meet NCSY Next Step’s Directors!!

 LOOKOUT! It’s a double feature! Introducing our not 1… but 2 directors!!! “Abba why on all other programs do we have 1 director but on this one we have 2?” “Because were awesome!” Introducing… Malkie and Tzvi Hametz!!

Tzvi – 
Tzvi Hametz is one half of the Next Step director team. He is also the Creativity and Innovation Director of the Innovation Lab (a Makerspace) at Gindi Maimonides Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Tzvi is also a lifelong tinkerer, Maker, learner, and illustrator. Similar to many other Makers, Tzvi got his start by creating Lego inventions and graduated to repurposing things in his parents home; even things his parents really wanted to be kept whole. Tzvi attended Yeshiva University, RIETS, and American Jewish University, (also, currently working on a program through the MIT Media Lab). Tzvi has been working in education for specifically NCSY for 9 years, and this is his fourth summer program as a director. Tzvi also recently became a first time father: his lovely wife refuses to let him Make robots to care for the baby.

Malkie – 
Malkie Hametz is one half of the Next Step director team. She is also the student activities director and middle school teacher at Gindi Maimonides Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Malkie has summer camp in her bones, she literally grew up on her family campground in Monroe NY. Malkie loves to travel and learn, and combining those two are her absolute favorite things to do. She is totally pumped to be going on Next Step this summer! Malkie went to Stern College for Women and then completed her Masters degree in education at AJU last summer. This is Malkie’s sixth summer program, and fourth as a director. Also, this is Malkie’s first summer as a director and a mom. She will not let her husband build robots to care for their child. @ncsysummer #bestsummerever

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