Album:It’s tiiime for our Assistant director… Ziona Isaacs!

It’s tiiime for our Assistant director… Ziona Isaacs! Hi everyone! 
My name is Ziona, I’m the assistant director of Next Step and so excited to meet you all for an incredible summer!! I grew up in Lawrence NY and graduated from Stern college. I’m also the Manhattan director and advisor coordinator for NY NCSY and am starting my masters in Biotech (shoutout to all of you who will have biotech internships this summer!) I’m down for an adventure anytime and you can often find me urban hiking (aka, walking) the streets of NYC during the year. This will be my fourth summer staffing an Israel trip in a row and they just keep getting better and better! I’m a huge fan of Israel but often use Israeli slang incredibly out of context so this summer will be a guaranteed great time. Oh and before I forget I’m also all about having a balance in life… which of course also means food in both hands  🙂 Looking forward to having a fun, meaningful, and awesome summer together!!

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